Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Fetish Flea Market

I haven't completed my next post yet but wanted my friends in New England to know that this Saturday, July 12th is the summer fetish flea market in Portsmouth, NH from 11:00 am until 5:00 am. For more information you can simply Google summer fetish flea market. It is a bit of a trek for hubbette and I but we are trying to make it as these are always a lot of fun.

For anyone new this a great way to learn, see products and meet people in a very relaxed atmosphere. It is a very laid back event. For any of you subbie before your get to excited everyone is clothed and there is no sex.

Like most of us I do my shopping on line so this is a great opportunity to actually see and feel products before you buy. I'm certain like many of you I have bought things on line only to be disappointed when they arrive. There are also work shops to learn new things and I have met a few wonderful people while walking around.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and my next posting for LG will be coming very soon.

More as time permits.

Monday, June 16, 2014


After completing the training I decided it was a good time to test hubbettes boundaries and limits. It had been such a long time since I fucked with him, just for fun. I was sick for a long time and hubbette hadn't been to the gym or workout for months. That combined with weight loss because the dear was so worried about me had slimmed his body down quite a bit. I told him we need to get you back to the weights. He agreed that he needed start over at the gym but that wasn't what I had in mind. I got out his ball parachute and various weights and it was time for a little work out. I would have him do deep knee bends each time adding a little more weight. It always amazed me how far his balls can stretch. When his poor legs were sore I gave him a break but shorted my lead on the parachute and simply added weight and dropped them. His face was priceless as I continued to add weight by weight and left him waiting for me to release them. He was wincing before I ever let them go.

To build up those now slender arms and chest and build those abs we will worked on push ups and sit ups. As he will now participate in the cuckolding I decided why not kill two birds with one stone and every time he does his sit ups I am standing there with my strap on and he gets to take it deep into his mouth. Practice makes perfect and we both want the bulls to be happy, don't we? When he is doing his push ups each upward motion is met with my crop and the downward motion was met with a dildo for him to inhale. To build those legs up I had hubbette going up and down the stairs in his heels and I also collared and leashed him and ran him around the back yard still in his heels.  See, you can mix femdom and exercise.

What I always liked best about fucking with hubbette was how everyday little things give me inspiration. I was making a cold drink after our yard work when I had a thought. How many ice cubes can I stick in his pussy ass? Well I thought, let’s find out. I tied hubbette to the bed, ass up and legs to the headboard. His barometer showed me he was excited. That didn't last long. I made him count off as one after another cube slide into his pussy hole. Needless to say his barometer was not standing at attention long. His clit looked so cute shriveled up from the cold that I had to take a few pictures.

One of the advantages of being a domme is that you really don't need a reason to beat or screw with your sub and since it had been ages since hubbette received a good beating I decided I would see how much he could handle. This was a twofold approach. The first series involved hubbette over my knees. Normally when he has his limit he falls to the floor. I had him count so moving forward we can chart his tolerance. The second time ( and yes I waited a day for his ass to feel better) I tied him so he couldn't escape. Although he was screaming enough, no more no more I was able to administer quite a few more blows before he really hit his limit. I explained that this was now his new benchmark and would work on both the tied and over knee beatings to increase his tolerance. It was his job to chart his progress and show me his growth weekly.

Due to his weight loss as well as mine us girls did a lot of shopping. Since we finally hit some nice weather I bought hubbette some cute shorts, capri’s , tops as well as some new bra and panties sets. Hubbette wasn't too happy with some of the panties because his clit would fall out so always being the concerned domme I rectified the problem. I really don’t understand after all these years why he still complains. LOL I had him stand in his panties as I studied the problem. Listen, it’s not like you are hung like a stud with that pathetic thing but since you don’t like your clit falling out I have a solution. I reached over and grabbed his chastity cage. He absolutely hates wearing it. I secured it in place and pulled up his panties. There you go, you won’t fall out now. Everything is snug and in place. Problem solved. The added bonus is watching him as I tease him in his cage, his poor little clit trying to grow. It's too bad you are wearing your clit cage sweetie He hates that thing so of course I have him wear it more often. 

Testing his limits was not restricted to indoor activities. For those of you who have been reading my blog know we sometimes go for car rides, just us girls. I love to get him all dolled up and rattle the car keys. The look on his face just brings me happiness. I dressed him in his new capri’s, blouse and sandals and off we went. As we live in a small town we had to take a little road trip for my plan to work but after some time I pulled into our first stop, CVS. I reached into my purse and pulled out a list and handed it to him. I’ll wait here, go ahead and get everything on the list. He was beet red. After he survived CVS we drove a little further and I decided I wanted a coffee. I pulled in and stopped. He looked at me and said, why can’t we do the drive thru. I smiled and said, what fun would that be?  Again I got that face. After stopping for coffee I noticed we needed gas so I pulled into the next gas station we saw. I handed him $30.00 dollars and told him to get moving. He looked at me and asked why can’t we use the credit card? I chuckled and said, what would be the fun in that? Now, for questioning me you’ll also add a nice little wiggle as you walk in to pay and if I am not happy I’ll send you back in. He looked adorable shaking that little ass back and forth on the way in to pay.

There were many other boundaries and limits we tested and I have to say it was great to feel the creative juices flowing. As much as hubbette hated some of the things I put him through I knew deep down he was happy to have his domme back.

I'm not quite up for jumping back into the cucking but will be shortly. In anticipation I have had hubbette take some new pictures as I lost a lot of weight and I love the mind fuck it gives him. He must have asked a million times if I posted them yet. I also have begun emailing and IMing some men I dated and also enjoy the effects it has on hubbette. I know he is wondering if I have sent or posted the pictures and it's too much fun leaving him guessing. The look on his face when I allow him to read the e mails and see the pictures these men send me is simply one of total submission. I did show him my profile just to prove I was actually doing this but sometimes the fun is just the back and forth e mails with these men and hubbette honestly having no idea if I will take it further. Again, it's all in the mind fuck. I did have a profile on but there is some sort of dispute so I can be found on and Both good sites. 

So I guess you could say I am back. It feels good. I do promise to write about our casino cuckolding adventure. Lady Gray gave me some great ideas that I expanded on and she was a huge support throughout my ordeal so the next post will be for her. 

More as time permits

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Bored, yes I am. Not with hubbette as we are having a ball. I'm feeling great and although I do have a few follow up appointments I have not felt this good in ages. Hubbette completed his training and also has had quite a few limits pushed and tested. I think we both feel we have gotten a new lease on life.

I have had so much fun teasing hubbette with other men. I love watching him as these men e mail me and IM me for potential dates. As mentioned prior I have had hubbette take pictures and it drives him crazy not knowing which ones if any I have sent these other men. We have taken a few road trips and really enjoyed ourselves. Well, at least I have. Hubbette has experienced some new embarrassments and humiliations but if his barometer is any indication he enjoyed himself also.

 So what am I so bored about? I have started 4 different posts and can't seem to finish any of them. I have begun writing about his training as well as pushing his limits and boundaries to see how far I could go and a few posts on cuckolding and quite honestly feel like I have writers block as I can't seem to finish any of them.

I thought perhaps I would throw it out to my readers ( if I have any left ) to see what would interest them. Looking back I think what kept me writing was all the comments from you that simply inspired new ideas and additional posts. What is it that you would like read about? I guess at some point we all lose the ambition to continue posting but I do enjoy it and would like to continue.

All of your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are more then welcome.

More as time permits

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Better late than never. Although I was late with my annual training I felt it was worth the wait. Hubbette may disagree. Normally in January I have my annual retraining period with hubbette. It is a very intense retraining process that I use to start the year off right. We review rules and regulations, behavior and responsibilities both inside the home as well as in public. I try to mix the old with some new and keep it fun for me and hubbette, well, me. LOL

We cover such things as domestic chores. I review what I approve of, what needs improvement and what needs change. Nobody likes a dirty sub so when it’s time to do chore hubbette is either naked, in his apron or his maid outfit. This changes week to week based on how I feel and one of his changes now is when he is naked he will attached some cute little bells I got him to his balls so I can listen to them jingle as he move through his chores. If spring ever arrives here in the great white north hubbette also has outside chores and this year as a change he might have some new outfits for his outdoor work as well. He looks hot in his jeans and work boots sweating in the sun with no shirt but I also like variety so we will do some spring shopping. He is a little concerned about tan lines but honestly that is his problem, not mine.

We don’t spend a lot of time on personal services as hubbettes tongue treats my feet, ass and other areas on a regular bases however since we have also dove into the cuckold world he is required not only to keep himself shaved and smooth in certain areas but he must now keep me shaved and smooth. He was also trained now that his tongue may be used during our cuckold adventures for other services and they may not all pertain to me.

One of the routines I added a while back was hand signals. When in public I find these signs very helpful. He is taught signs such as stop, go,  sit, kneel, stop talking and one I added last year which with a flick of my wrist brings out his best sissy lisp. That’s just for my fun when we are out eating or shopping. The stop sign can be a ball also. I don’t know how many times I left him standing in a lingerie department or some other uncomfortable spot. I have used the stop/stay in bars for obvious reasons and also once used it in an adult bookstore and had hubbette standing in the gay magazine section. It was so much fun to watch other men slowly flock over and hubbette helpless to do anything but stand and wait for me to snap my fingers to come.  I have found these hand signs extremely useful in public places so I don’t attract too much attention and can still rule my hubbette.

During the training period hubbette is teased and edged constantly to keep his undivided attention but not allowed to cum. After a few days he was a complete puppy dog. Because he was so wonderful while I was sick I let him chose between his chastity device and being milked. He chose milking. Every few days he would assume his position and I would gently finger his prostrate until his cum just dribbled out onto the waiting plate below. Sometimes for kicks I would have him moo and yes, he did clean the plate after. The nice thing about milking is he gets cum to eat but no orgasm.

As we finished the training I decided it had been such a long time since we really played due to my illness that I wanted to test his thresholds and tolerances and what better time than right after training so it’s all fresh in his mind. These stories will be my next post.

More as time allows

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back to Basics

If my last post was a little scattered and loopy there was a reason. I'm on some pretty strong medications and they tend to kick my ass. I reread it and even I thought it was all over the place but wanted to give some of my friends an update on my condition.

It seems lately I have plenty of time on my hands. I'm still on disability and I'm in no rush to go back to work right now. I've had a lot of time to think. Sometimes maybe too much. Early on when I began to blog I spoke often of the mind fuck. Even before I was married I saw the power it could hold. When I got sick I was very worried about hubbette and his need to serve. We have great balance in our relationship but I also know this is a need for him. Strangely enough his submissive nature probably helped him throughout this ordeal. He did so much and I really wanted to try to provide something for a release for him but was very limited in what I could do or handle. So laying in the hospital I decided to go back to basic. I might not have been able to physically be the domme I wanted but mentally I was sharp. It also allowed me to take my mind off of what possibly lied ahead for me. For those of you who have laid in a hospital bed for a prolong period know your head tends to run.

Early on my prognosis wasn't promising and although hubbette never really let on I knew by the look on his face. I decided that if things didn't work out I won't let our time together go to waste. I've never been the poor me type and decided I would use this time wisely and enjoy what we had while we still had it. So the problem became how to tweak this with what I was capable of handling.One day hubbette walked into the hospital room and asked how I was doing. I looked him square in the eye and said, better if you had a real cock. I saw that look in his eye. I told him to sit and started to talk about a few of the men that I had been with. He tented immediately. I began to reminisce to him how much I enjoyed a real cock.I sent him home that night and had him write a letter to one of my bulls thanking him and having to explain why I needed a real man. He was to forward the letter to me and after review I would send it to my bull. Of course I didn't ( this time ) but he didn't know that. It was a good mind fuck.

At night we would talk via the phone, IM or Skype. I enjoyed Skype as I would give him some allotted time to change into something and then perform for me. It might be a dance number, a cute nursery rhyme or self punishment as I dictated. What made this a great mind fuck was that I would give him a general idea and then he would have to come up with the plan. I would also send him to stores to get particular panties or lingerie that would either require him to really look around ( forcing him to spend lots of time in the ladies sections ) or asked for help. When I was a real bitch I would send him to the store to find something I knew wouldn't be there just to force him to ask. On one of these encounters I even enlisted the help from my friend Judy and made sure she " bumped " into him. She can be a bigger bitch then me and had lots of fun with him.

Some sites due to hospital restrictions I couldn't get on so I would use hubbette to converse with men replying to my ads. He would have to print them out and bring them to me and read them. I loved how his voice got shaky when the exchanges got steamy. One man who responded to my ad also wanted to use hubbette and when he would read those messages to me he would just about flood his panties. I even texted him a few times pretending to text one of my bulls and when he replied I would apologize and tell him it was meant for someone else.

It was very touch and go for a while. The doctors really weren't sure if I was going to make it. There was no way I was going to lay in that bed and go out pissing and moaning or having hubbette sit there and wait for the worst. There were no conversations about after I am gone other than some estate issues to address. He did everything under his power to comfort and support me and I gave back the way I knew he wanted me too. We had our 2:00 am talks and I cherish those but I wanted to provide as many happy thoughts and memories as I could. We could have talked about what we had shared and experienced or continued to live it. I choose the latter.

Now that I am feeling better and on the mend I will live life even bolder and louder. After what we went through it really makes you stop and think. Time is pretty precious and you better use it wisely. I spent a lot of time in the hospital and heard too many people say, I wish I had more time I would have ....... Shame on them. We are back to basics and even those it's almost March and we are late hubbette will under go his yearly basic retraining. Our FLR is back on track and soon we will begin the cuckolding again. With the weight loss hubbette will have to take me shopping for some new sexy outfits but I don't think he'll mind. I swear I have more fun the weeks leading up to this and teasing him about it.

Again, thank you all for the well wishes and support. I'm still waiting on a few e mails from  some of you bitches but comments did help.

More as time allows

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update/I'm back and hopefully for good

I apologize for not posting earlier. I actually wrote a post last month but for whatever reason I never went live with it so at this point I felt it would make more sense to just write a new one. My recovery is progressing nicely. I had some doubts for a while and some of the treatments actually set my recovery back quite a bit. For those of you who hadn’t figured it out I have/had cancer. I’m not going to discuss it as I am so tired of talking about it sometimes I want to scream. It’s been a long journey and a painful one. I have had surgeries and treatments I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Throughout it all hubbette has been my hero and has proved to me why I love him so much. I wondered sometimes if he would end up in the bed next to me. He never stopped. He kept everything straight with the doctors, told me what I needed to know only when I needed to know it, questioned everything and always was there to keep my spirits up and keep my smiling even when I didn’t want to fight anymore. I don’t think I’ll ever know how much he did and how draining this was on him. He never complained once.There were many 2:00 am talks where we laughed, cried and enjoyed reminiscing and I think I will always hold those close to my heart. It didn't matter if I was home in bed or still in the hospital he was there, even if that was over the phone in the middle of the night. I honestly don’t know how he kept it together.

As I wrote way back in November I did many things to try to keep things moving and bring some sense of normalcy to our relationship. Every winter in addition to wearing panties hubbette would also occasionally wear a cami and pantyhose. I’m sure at some point the nurses saw the outline of his straps but never said anything. But being a bitch I teased him about it anyways.  We continued with this tradition and to change things up a bit I also had him wear thigh highs to show off and model for me. He complained that sometimes they wouldn’t stay up so I had him also wear a garter belt. He always amazes me. He actually complained about wearing the garter belt because it was uncomfortable and you could sometimes see the outline through his jeans. So of course I had him wear one more often. I knew how much he loved our new cuckold adventures so I would also make him write stories about them or papers explaining why I had to cuck him and read them to me. Since his was so good I would also use those little cups they give me pills in and allowed him make his own little deposit in them and then drink it all up if front of me.

When I got home he was he was my nurse, house keeper, cook and everything else. Treatments and surgeries left me weak and in bed and I had to know where he was so I fastened bells to his balls so I could constantly hear him jingling as he went about his chores. I would have him fetch my paddle or crop for punishment and assume the position at the side of the bed for his beating. What did he do? Nothing at all but who said you had to be bad to be punished? I wasn't able to move as I liked so being a creative domme I found new ways to work around this. I simply taught hubbette some self bondage tricks. I simply adored the look on his face when he was required to wear ankle cuffs to do his chores and if I was feeling extra bitchy I would have him crouch and tie his balls to the ankle cuffs so he wasn’t able to stand erect. ( no pun intended ) Thanks to the wonderful world of on line shopping I also found another way to slow him down. One day shopping for sissy wear ( he needed a few maid outfits ) I found a hobble skirt. For those of you who haven’t seen one it’s a skirt that comes mid calf and ties right behind the calf requiring him to take small sissy steps. It was so much fun watching him walk or traverse the stairs in it.

Again he was just incredible throughout this so when I was home and I never allow this he was granted many orgasms for his love and caring but this also come with rules. He was only allowed to cum on my command and only on my feet, legs, ass or sometimes breasts so I could watch him clean it all up. I always teased him that soon it would be someone else’s cum that he would be cleaning. As those of you know who followed my blog we entered into cuckolding prior to my illness. I also used this as I dealt with my recovery to keep hubbette engaged. I opened communications with a few of the men I saw as well as reactivated my profiles on, and other sites. I would read the replies or have hubbette read them to me. Sometimes I would reply and other times I would have him reply to these men. I would also show him the pictures these men would send. His little barometer told me as always everything I needed to know. I’m really not ready for this yet but he doesn’t know that and as I always said the mind fuck was always my favorite part of our FLR.

It has been a very long 5 months and poor hubbette worried so much that he lost almost as much weight as I did. Now that I can get around a bit we have had to do some shopping for new clothes. It was nice to see hubbette hadn’t forgotten his hand signs and I still get a kick out of listening to him break into sissy lisp with my purse slung over his shoulder. We did have to buy him some new clothes but they weren’t all men’s and I loved watching him pick out new blouses and outfits to wear with the help of the sales people. Even her jeans and carpi's were baggy. Don’t worry though; I made sure he tried them on at the store. He can’t prance around in baby dolls and maid outfits all day. LOL

I’ll try to get into more details soon. I have a few follow up appointments to assure I am still in remission. I’m not going to think about them as I have no control over them so I’m simply going to get on with living and try to make up for lost time. My hubbette showed what a real man is made of. He stood by me through everything. If he broke I never saw it. He never complained or bitched and took everything I threw at him. He dealt with my anger, my fears and never stopped being supportive. He held my hand when I needed it and even when I called him or woke him in the middle of the night he never wavered.

When I am back to 100% I will have to plan a very special trip for him. I’m open for suggestions and ideas. More as time permits.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Just wanted to drop a quick post and update you all. It's been a very long couple of months and I've been poked and prodded more than a porn star. My energy level is up and down but the doctors tell me things are looking better. Through it all hubbete has been my hero and my best freind. I can't imagine how difficult this must be on him to sit and watch. He's tries to be helpfull and tolerates my ugliness and anger at this situation. I think sometimes this is the worst beating he has taken. I know I have taken my anger out on him more than I should and he keeps moving forward. God bless his subby little soul. Play has been almost none but I have managed,even from the hosptial to try to keep him somewhat engaged and lighten his load. For example I'll have him dress up and text me pictures, or in the hospital have rub and lick my feet. I was sitting in the chair in my hospital room, hubbette on the floor rubbing my feet when the nurse walked in and said we can get him a chair. I smiled and chuckled, nope, he is exactly where he belongs. There a few doctors and cute male nurses and although I'm not exactly up to cuckolding I have had some fun teases hubbette about special treatment I get. I have several more sessions to suffer thru but things are looking a little better then a month ago but the doctors have also cautioned me we are not 100% out of the woods yet. One nurse talked to be about a bucket list and I just smiled. I might not have done everything I wanted to but if she only knew. Both hubbette and I have no regrets. From the FLR lifestyle, to the cucking and a few new firsts for hubbette at the casino, ( yes LG, that one was for you) it's been a great ride. I'll say it again for you people thinking about this or simply things in life you want to get to. Better do them now, you never know if tomorrow will be here. I was disappointed that I didn't receive any e mails from some of you. I can't blog in the hospital as thier WiFi blocks out such things. I hope you are all well and take my advise about not waiting for tomorrow. I have not taken the time to fix this blog so I'm sure that this will appear to be one huge paragraph. Quite frankly I don't give a fuck right now. Sorry. More as time allows. QG