Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ideas from the Punishment Box

I've had a request to share some of the little surprises that popped out of the punishment box (pb) and who am I am to deny a request from my friends. This little cornucopia of fun provided more enjoyment then I anticipated and was as much fun constructing as it was watching it unfold. I had to take a trip down memory lane in order to come up with the 34 punishments needed. It was fun just thinking about all the little games, mind fucks, pain and humiliation I have inflicted over the years. I actually laughed at loud at many of the ideas I have come up with over the years. Once my PB was done I sat done with hubbette and explain the rules. The look on his face was priceless and the exciting part was I was going to be as surprised as him every night. The rules were simple. We ate dinner every night and after dinner kneeling where he belongs ( at my feet) he got to dip his hand into the box and read his punishment a loud. Just the trembling in his voice told the story.  I was like a little kid at Christmas as it was as much a surprise to me as it was to him. I can't even imagine how fast his head must of been running everyday driving home from work. It was a mind fuck even before the punishments were picked.

But you all want to hear some of the wonderful ideas that came out of this fun little box so away we go in no particular order.

  • I put hubbette in his leg spreader and handcuffed him behind his back. I then tied his cuffs to the leg spread ( off to one side) which now rendered him helpless to bend forward or really move. Using my trusty flogger it was time for some old fashion CBT. I don't know which was was more fun. Watching his face with me standing in front knowing that it was coming and he was helpless to do anything or hearing me behind him and not knowing when it's coming. With the cuffs tied to the leg spreader he was helpless to bend forward.
  • With hubbette blind folded and on all fours I tied a rope around his balls and when I said go down the hallway he went as fast as he could crawl. Sound easy? Well the mind fuck was he never knew how much rope I let out. Would he crawl 10 feet or 20 before he hit the end? The poor boy never knew. The penalty for not crawling fast or hesitating was a harsh cropping so we didn't experience too many issues LOL.
  • Being from Maine I've always been kind of a country girl and every cowgirl should have a horse so again on all fours I rode my pony through a course I laid out. Of course I had to use the crop to keep him moving and he had a time limit to complete the course. God help him if he bucked me off.
  • Fishing for whores was always a fun game to play. I suggested this to Lady Grey as part of her slave competition. Hubbette is placed on his knees, ankles cuffed and hands cuffed behind his back. I take our fishing rod bait it with his favorite dildo and see if anything is biting. It's so much fun to watch him try to catch it and end up on the floor flopping like a flounder.
  • Hubbette hates cleaning. So one night I covered the counter with syrup, corn flakes and coffee grounds just to watch the look on his face. ( thanks Mistress 4 ever). I wasn't happy with the job so after inspection I just had to cover everything all over again.
  • Shoveling snow is a fact of life up here in Maine. It become much more difficult when you are doing it in heels. LOL, enough said.
In addition to his daily punishments hubbette was stripped naked daily and ate all his meals on the floor next to me. His exercise routine was also "tweeted" to fit what was going on. His push ups were much more fun with a dildo he had to engulf every time he went down and deep knee bends got much more exciting when he had weights tied to his cock and balls. 

I can't speak for hubbette, well actually I guess I can but I totally enjoy this time and will make each December punishment box month. It's seem like the appropriate month for it. Don't you think? Surprises all month leading up to Christmas. We just began our annual retraining and will be posting on that when time permits. As Lady Grey suggested there will be a lot for changes for the up coming year.

Happy New Years to all.


fur sissy said...

Thank you for sharing, QG.

I've always felt that introducing random chance into the equation is quite exhilarating for a sub, especially when it's not a matter of winning or losing, but how badly a sub will lose.

It sounds like you had quite a bit of fun.

Aimee said...

Some lovely and truly devious punishment choices!

Mistress Aimee

Lady Grey said...

Your very own little advent calendar! What a nice twist on an old favorite. Between hubbette's December punishment box and his New Year's re-training, the poor boy will definitely have memories of winter. Thanks for sharing your diabolical ideas. Loved them all, but especially the crawling fast with a rope around the balls trick. I laugh just thinking of that one.

Queen Goddess said...

FS, As always thank you for commenting. It was like a box of cracker jacks, always a surprise.

Aimee, There were also many sissy momments as well. My little whore actually stood under a street light for pictures. She had quite a walk home in her mini skirt and heels.

LG, I thought of you with the crawling/rope trick and your upcoming slave competition. Imagine the others listening to the slaves yell in pain not knowing where the end of their rope is? The pony rides could be fun as well as you all whip your ponies as well as the other ponies to see who wins. Just imagine what you could do to the loser.

msscarletuk said...

I just love the punishment box idea. I use an advent calander, and each day has a little gift my bitch-boy would rather not have. I think I will add a punishment slip to the gift each day, copying your concept.

I especially loved the counter cleaning and him having to re-do it. Delightful.

Anonymous said...

Hi QG,

I was just curious how the retraining was going with hubbette, and what the new rules and expectations were that were put in place.

Ever think of taking her to try on wedding dresses for an afternoon with Judy just for fun of it?

Or arrange a special photoshoot?


sbo said...

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Anonymous said...

My best punishment on a male pig guy you don't need a box? Tight, sexy black bra, under his white shirt in public places! Or a transparent shirt too! Wait for the laughs he will want to hide! Everybody will know he's wearing a bra! Mistress Gretchen. Next time transparent pants?