Friday, May 31, 2013


While this is not everyone’s cup of tea I have enjoyed our venture into cuckolding. You must have a very strong relationship and unlike a traditional FLR you will require even more trust and some communication that normally won’t be allowed in a FLR.

I have always known this turned hubbette on and I was always ok with that. I still went very slowly and made sure he was comfortable with this. Have you ever heard the saying be careful what you wish for? So I started out with teasing him about being with other men. As always his little barometer told me everything I needed to know. From here I moved on to watching cuckold movies with him as I teased him. Hubbette has a wonderfully talented tongue so when he uses that talent to service or clean me, ( yes, he is required to clean when allow to cum) I would tease him, telling him to think that it’s another man’s cum he was cleaning. Sometimes poor hubbette would cum just thinking about that.

From there I pushed the envelope. We would go out and I begin flirting. I would sent hubbette somewhere or simply make him sit across the bar. I was a little surprise at first that that I didn’t attract more attention but this was a learning experience for me as well and I found out believe or not the wedding ring is a bit of a deterrent so I would strike up a conversation if I saw someone I liked. I loved the look on hubbettes face and even in his jeans I saw his barometer agreed. I kept it at flirting for this step but I found out everything I needed to know.

The next step was one of the biggies. While on vacation I spotted a life guard that was just smoking hot. I’m sure he got hit on all the time. I walked down the beach in one of my sexiest bathing suits leaving hubbette on the towel but within view. Never one to be bashful I walked right up to him and told him I bet my husband I could get a kiss and I never loss a bet. I could see he was a little nervous as was I. He looked around and then grabbed me and kissed me. It seemed like forever but was only a few seconds. It broke the ice. When I got back to the towel hubbette was doing his best to conceal his hard clit. I was so turned on that I grabbed him, said, upstairs now and made a bee line to the room. Hubbette used his talented tongue out on the balcony as I gazed down at my bronze life guard.

Once we got home I told hubbette it was time and asked him once more if he had any reservations about this. This is one of the few times I allowed hubbette to suggest some ground rules and I saw nothing wrong with them so I agreed. I let hubbette take some pictures for my ads and even let him write a few and yep, you guess it, his barometer was at full tilt. Placing the ads was no guarantee I was actually going to do this but he didn’t know that. The mind fucks were endless. In talking afterwards we both found this part exciting. It was like dating after so many years. I placed ads on various sites and with the pictures I posted got plenty of replies. I would let hubbette read what these men wrote to me or have him between my thighs with his talented tongue at work as I read them to him. Then began the exchange of e mails. It was such a rush seeing messages in my inbox, no pun intended.

I finally decided who would be my first and we made a plan to meet. I was so excited and so nervous all at the same time which was very unlike me. We met out of town at a hotel that had a nice little quiet sitting area. Hubbette and I got there first. I will say my outfit certainly turned some heads. When Dan arrived he greeted me with a nice big kiss. Hubbette was at full attention. After some small talk I sent hubbette to the bar to get a few drinks and when he left moved next to Dan. He quickly put his arm around and pulled me in for another deep kiss. The look on hubbettes face when he got back was one I’ll never forget. As we sipped our drinks Dan run his hands over my thighs. I thought hubbette would cum right there watching. When I felt comfortable I told Dan to go get a room which allowed me one more opportunity to make sure hubbette was ok with this. When Dan got back he shook hubbettes hand and said, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her and give her what you can’t. Dan did know hubbette was my sub. The last thing hubbette, and probably everyone in the lobby saw was Dan and I, arm in arm heading for the elevators. Dan’s hand slide under my skirt and I’m sure everyone got a good look at my ass.

I won’t get into all the details ( I know all you little cuckies are dying now) but that was the best few hours of sex that I have had in ages. I sent hubbette to the lobby bar and I can’t even image what was running thru his head. I texted him a few times to let him know I was alright and also how much I was enjoying myself. When we finally finished I had hubbette bring up a few drinks and the timing couldn’t have been better. He entered just as Dan was walking out of the bathroom and even soft his manhood was impressive. I was sprawled on the bed, covered in sweat. Dan kissed me goodbye and I told hubbette to immediately get between my thighs as I shared my afternoon with him. Poor little hubbette got so excited he messed the sheets in no times. We both had a wonderful dinner that evening and it felt like everyone knew I spent the afternoon getting fucked.

We treat this a little differently than what I have read as we use this more as a treat then a steady diet. I have found a few different guys that all offer me something different. Hubbette has been present to watch a few times as well.

This has brought a new spark to our relationship and brought us even closer. The material to tease him is endless and I love watching him read e mails from other men to his wife. Sometimes I still play on line just to fuck with hubbettes head. As I stated earlier, this is not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m sure this posting won’t appeal to everyone. Even if you don't go thru with it you can have loads of fun with your sub.  Don’t worry, I’ll post more about day to day FLR in upcoming postings but if this is something you are even considering and your sub is on board you can have lots of fun with this. It's also an area filled with pitfalls so be real sure this is really for you. It's a long way from fantasty to reality.

More as time permits.



Anonymous said...

Goddess Queen,

My Online Mistress wants me now to follow this blog along with many others that She has ordered my to follow over the past few years

Her reasoning is that blogs like these will keep me nice and sissy addicted to Her and the sissy life style. Not to mention it gives Her something to tease and humiliate me with during our daily online chats.

I have even read Your archived entries of a few years back to get a real understanding how all this evolved for You and Your sissy. I will continue to follow (Mistress' orders) all Your posts and very much look forward to them.

devoted online
sissyslave of my

Training Boy said...


This was a wonderful and very honest posting. Every FLR is different and cuckolding works for you both which is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.


Vanessa Chaland said...

Great post, I enjoyed reading it and hearing from another females perspective. :)

Lady Grey said...

Not my thing, QG, but your adventures in the world of cuckolding are certainly intriguing. Would you have pursued this if hubbette were strongly opposed? Clearly he wasn't - quite the contrary - but what would you have done in that case?

Diane J said...

Very nice post. Glad you found someone to cuckold hubbette with. It's a tough process. Email me with any hints :)

Diane J

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Queen Goddess said...

A, I'm pleased that your Mistress requires you to follow me. Thank her for the privledge.

Training Boy, No FLR is alike and I agree you have to find what fits you both.

Vanessa, Welcome and thank you. I enjoy your blog as well. Please continue to leave comments as I love a female outlook.

LG, I knew this would not appeal to you but thanks for commenting. To answer your question no, I would not have moved forward. I have a wonderful marriage and this is one area I will give him say. We agreed on some pretty strict guidelines for this. One of the few times I allow him to set the rules.

Diane, we will be talking.

Cuckolding Princess Karin King said...

Cuckolding is wonderful, isn't it? My cuckold is willing to do anything I want him to. It's a pretty wild and luxurious lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

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